The Best Spiritual Life Coaching Programs

By Jason Lincoln Jeffers

The best spiritual coaching programs will meet your individual needs, establish your specific goals and apply the appropriate transformational modalities for your personal growth. These spiritual coaching modalities will be utilized to provide you with all the tools, techniques, and psychology you'll need to reach your mental, physical, and spiritual objectives.

The best spiritual coaching programs will utilize the tools of self transcendence, shadow work, pain-body work, holistic wellness, heart-brain intention, the law of attraction, and the power of presence. The one-on-one sessions with your spiritual coach should empower you to realize your physical, mental, and spiritual objectives.

Transformation is an art. And so is life coaching. No degree or license can bestow a spiritual life coach with the knowledge and wisdom that can only gleaned from life experience. The best spiritual life coaches have garnered most--if not all--of their knowledge and wisdom from a personal transformation. How else can you be coached from the heart?

Life is not meant to be endured. It's meant to be enjoyed. If you've been living in a chronic state of emotional and/or physical suffering, then a spiritual life coach can help get you "unstuck" and forge a path toward mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

The best spiritual life coaches can teach you how to remove the mental obstacles that are preventing you from realizing your potential as a divine being. Suffering is the result of your identification with your egoic mind and your physical body. Your ego is not who you are. And neither is your body. The body takes orders from the mind, not the reverse. And the mind takes orders from your heart. The best spiritual coaches can help you to become heart-centered via your heart-brain and can teach you how to feel, sense, and think with your heart. Then you'll be accessing the true power of intention. Shift your emotional body from your right brain to your heart-brain and you'll change your life. It's that simple.

When you fully realize that you are a spiritual being at your core, you open a door to limitless possibilities. The best spiritual life coaches can teach you to love life--and every moment in life--unconditionally. This is harnessing the power of presence. By honoring the "is-ness" of each moment, no matter what it brings to you, you will no longer be reacting to or resisting what the universe is trying to teach you. The best spiritual life coaching programs will help you to live each moment in the eternal Now.

The best spiritual coaches will analyze in detail every aspect of your life so that you can shift your consciousness and attune your frequency with your heart-brain. He or she can help you see what you are missing, avoiding, ignoring, reacting to, and resisting in your daily life so that you are empowered to end the negative cycles. Then, instead of asking, "Why does this keep happening to me?" You'll be asking, "What have I done to create this reality?"

The best spiritual life coaches will also be skilled in life path astrology or life path numerology. It is well worth the time and effort to find an spiritual life coach who can help you discover the your perfect vocation. When you are dissatisfied or unhappy with your career, you'll never be successful at it. As Joseph Campbell said, "Follow your bliss." The best coaches will be able to determine your life path by interpreting your astrological birth chart and/or numerology life path number.

The best spiritual life coaching programs will help you to dissolve your anger, anxiety, worry, and depression through shadow work, pain-body work, and ego transcendence. You will also be coached how to love whatever the present moment brings. The best spiritual life coaches can teach you how to stop turning your challenges into problems, how to stop attracting mental bullies, and how to stop resisting and reacting to whatever life brings. The best spiritual coaches can also help you discover your true life's purpose.

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How Can One Unwind After A Hard Week At Work?

All that one can think of by the end of the week is the weekend and the various ways in which one can relax. All that one wants to do is to unwind and forget the travails of the week gone by. The different ways in which one can relax are plentiful. You will be surprised about the different ways in which people relax. This helps them get back to work with a newfound fount of energy.

Pamper yourself by having a warm bubble bath. Take yourself to the salon and have a new haircut. Soak your feet in a tub and give yourself a pedicure. Let the most soothing of music play in the background as you soak your tired muscles in a bathtub. This will transport you to another world altogether. A world, full of no noise or distraction but, just serene peace all around you!

Shopping can work to be a great stress reliever. You can go ahead and indulge yourself after working so very hard the entire week. The best way for you to reward yourself is by buying Gucci replica handbags. These handbags can certainly make you look fantastic. Check out the new collection at Gucci replica handbags. They are worth having on your arm when you go back to work on Monday. Also, they can be bought at extremely reasonable rates.

How about going for a late night movie or reading something that interests you. This pursuit will enable you to showcase your creative side and relax. A good movie or a good book can be one of the most relaxing of feelings. You can watch the classics or take in a comedy movie. This will make certain that you have a good laugh and forget all the stressors of the week gone by.

Take a nap or go to bed early. Sometimes just not doing anything will help you tremendously. You will be able to wake up the next day refreshed and rejuvenated. Sleep will then be the best idea for you to wake up with a clean slate and thinking clearly and precisely. At the same time do not nap too much as this will be counterproductive.

Meditation and exercise can leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy. Try to sit in one place and calm your mind. Focus on something and then let all the other thoughts flow out. Practice deep breathing exercises. This can certainly help you a great deal. Exercise on a treadmill or take yourself out for a walk. Anything that will get you on the move is good for you.

By Jacky Grishan

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Several Ways To Appreciate Our Life

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my health is vitally important to me. I am of the impression that the same could be said for you too. Good natural health comes from taking care of yourself and fighting anything that is going to affect your health in a negative way.

So what are the things that we could do to make sure that we are on the right road to staying in a healthy position?

Everybody knows that diet is a main factor in everybody's health. Without a proper diet your health will definitely suffer.

One such diet is the high animal protein diet that has become so popular apart from it may not be quite that good for omnivores. It also questions the ethics to leading animals to their slaughter in special farms when they are in a highly stressed state. Do we actually benefit from animals that are killed in this way?

We seem to spend a lot of our lives in fear of one thing or another. This cannot be good for our health really. We seem to be constantly be bombarded with advertisers telling us what is right for us. We should choose for our selves what is right and wrong and not just line the pockets of the people whose adverts we read.

The same thing applies to our exposure to sunlight. It is essential to get the right exposure to your skin but we are often too afraid to go out for too long in the sun for fear of overexposure. Who benefits from this scenario?

Your health can also benefit from some relaxation time. It does not matter whether you spend time in your garden, walk in the park or even a day on the beach. Some nice fresh air will always do you good.

There are also many different homeopathic remedies that we can take in our own homes that can be good for our health.

By Jane Bradford

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