Finally, Real Help With Life!

We all have frustrations, worries, fears, and stress right? But have you every wondered just how these feelings are serving you? Are these negative energy systems making you feel good about yourself and about your life situation? Or are they just bringing you down further into larger problems, bigger fears and even more to worry about?

What would freedom of all negative thinking mean to you?

We have been programmed since birth to fear the world around us. We were taught to be very careful in life as to survive, after all there is constant danger lurking around every corner. When we were little we were told don’t trust anyone, don‘t talk to strangers, wash your hands, don’t put things in your mouth or you might get sick, fear God - you’d better be good or you'll go to hell, fear of failure -you better do good in school so you can become a success, peer pressure - you may have decided to do something negative or act a certain way for fear of not fitting in, you may have witnessed your mother fearfully reacting to a spider or a bumble bee and assumed that you had to fear insects too; as you can see, the list goes on and on.

Maybe right now you feel like your life is in shambles. Maybe your going through a bad break up, or maybe you just lost your job, maybe you are sick or in pain most of the time. What ever it is that’s bothering you right now, can be virtually eliminated right now. You have the power within you already, you were born with it, and nobody can take it away from you. You could meditate, visualize, or repeat positive affirmations all day long but the core problem still remains, your awful feelings keep coming up. Until you learn how to release them that is!


I love how a simple daily occurrence has the power to enlighten us, if we are aware enough to see it, that is.

Let me explain…

As I was casually getting around to waking up this morning, I went to the kitchen to get a coffee and some toast. If you knew me, you would agree that I’m a bit clumsy in the morning before my first cup of java.

While I waited for the water to come to a screeching boil, my toast popped, all warm and golden brown….yummmm. So I’m fumbling around, twisting the jelly jar open, pulling a butter knife from the utensil drawer, and spreading a nice thick layer of jelly on the first piece of toast.. I picked up the other piece of toast and plunked a big heaping spoonful of jelly on it to spread around.

Just as I had finished and was about to put it back on my plate, it slipped from my hand. This has probably happened to you too a time or two, so you must be familiar with the gasp that follows.

Of course, my first reaction was “aarrggg!,” but then I noticed it landed on the cupboard jelly side up! As soon as I realized my luck, I felt a rush of love and thankfulness wash over me. I felt so grateful to the Universe for my toast landing safely on the cupboard with no sticky mess.

Facebook Frenzie

Along with Internet growth, has come many clubs and membership sites where people all over the world can meet and talk about the things they are most interested in. One of those expanding networks is Facebook. Not only can you keep in touch with your family and friends all over the world on Facebook, you can get back in touch with friends that you may have lost touch with over the years.
It astonishes me when I stop to think about what the internet has to offer. It seems the really good things usually only go to the rich and famous, but with millions of new users signing on everyday, the internet has become a very valuable tool for much of the world.

You can store your complete digital library on Facebook, eliminating the fear of system crashes and loosing all your beloved photos. You could also share your albums with your complete friends list, or just a few of them. Now everyone you care about can see your family grow, even if they do live across the country.