I love how a simple daily occurrence has the power to enlighten us, if we are aware enough to see it, that is.

Let me explain…

As I was casually getting around to waking up this morning, I went to the kitchen to get a coffee and some toast. If you knew me, you would agree that I’m a bit clumsy in the morning before my first cup of java.

While I waited for the water to come to a screeching boil, my toast popped, all warm and golden brown….yummmm. So I’m fumbling around, twisting the jelly jar open, pulling a butter knife from the utensil drawer, and spreading a nice thick layer of jelly on the first piece of toast.. I picked up the other piece of toast and plunked a big heaping spoonful of jelly on it to spread around.

Just as I had finished and was about to put it back on my plate, it slipped from my hand. This has probably happened to you too a time or two, so you must be familiar with the gasp that follows.

Of course, my first reaction was “aarrggg!,” but then I noticed it landed on the cupboard jelly side up! As soon as I realized my luck, I felt a rush of love and thankfulness wash over me. I felt so grateful to the Universe for my toast landing safely on the cupboard with no sticky mess.

It made me realize that we, as human beings with our somewhat ‘simple minds, need to see the cause in able to understand the effect. Our mind is a super mathematician who loves to compare and rate things and circumstances in life. After its initial problem solving techniques, the mind then proceeds to judge the situation as good or bad. So when something happens, like dropping your toast jelly side up, we say, hey, that’s good, I can feel happy now.

Everything is Energy. Science has now proven this. If you want to investigate this further, please read “The Happy Pocket Full of Money” for some of the amazing findings of Quantum Physics.

All this energy has differing frequencies, just as a musical note or colors from a prism. Feelings also have different frequencies. Love and appreciation are some feelings that have a much higher frequency then that of fear or anger. Gratefulness vibrates at one of the highest levels on our feelings frequency scale.

Gratefulness is just one of the wonderful feelings that will instantly connect you to that bigger and better part of you, your Soul. The part that is endless and eternal, where creativity, imagination, true love and wisdom come from. Everyone has access to it. In fact all things that ever were or ever will be, has access to it. Only humans though, have the abilities to consciously connect to it.

The more you can connect to and keep this feeling in the forefront of your awareness, the more your life will improve. It is one of the secrets to mastering the Law of Attraction. Actually feeling your feelings and getting in touch with them at a deeper level is the fastest way to inner peace and freedom.

Like attracts like. This is a fact. To the exact match of your inner vibrational frequency, you experience as outer vibrational frequency, which equals the world you see around you now. When you are able to control your feelings and vibrational levels, you can begin to attract more of the things you want to see and more of what you want to feel. This is called Deliberate Creation. It is your birthright to deliberately create all the situations you would like to experience on the playground of life.

Your mission then, is to always be aware of your inner self, your feelings. Pinpoint the feelings within you that you want to feel more of the instant you feel them. Hold that feeling in your heart for as long as you can. Remember it. Take a few deep breaths, relax into that feeling, take note of how different parts of your body might feel, and how all your problems seem to disappear. As soon as you realize you aren’t feeling good anymore, bring those happy feelings back - on purpose, just because you CAN!


Do this often, it will help put you get back in the drivers seat of your life. When it comes to your feelings and vibrational levels, you are the only one who has complete control. Excersize your right to feel how you want to feel, when you want to feel it. Stop waiting for someone, or something outside of you to come along and make you feel good. It is in you. It is you.

Don’t wait for your toast to fall jelly side up to have an excuse to feel Grateful, do it now. And do it often. You will soon see many positive results showing up in your life, and you will have that much more to be Grateful for.

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