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We all have frustrations, worries, fears, and stress right? But have you every wondered just how these feelings are serving you? Are these negative energy systems making you feel good about yourself and about your life situation? Or are they just bringing you down further into larger problems, bigger fears and even more to worry about?

What would freedom of all negative thinking mean to you?

We have been programmed since birth to fear the world around us. We were taught to be very careful in life as to survive, after all there is constant danger lurking around every corner. When we were little we were told don’t trust anyone, don‘t talk to strangers, wash your hands, don’t put things in your mouth or you might get sick, fear God - you’d better be good or you'll go to hell, fear of failure -you better do good in school so you can become a success, peer pressure - you may have decided to do something negative or act a certain way for fear of not fitting in, you may have witnessed your mother fearfully reacting to a spider or a bumble bee and assumed that you had to fear insects too; as you can see, the list goes on and on.

Maybe right now you feel like your life is in shambles. Maybe your going through a bad break up, or maybe you just lost your job, maybe you are sick or in pain most of the time. What ever it is that’s bothering you right now, can be virtually eliminated right now. You have the power within you already, you were born with it, and nobody can take it away from you. You could meditate, visualize, or repeat positive affirmations all day long but the core problem still remains, your awful feelings keep coming up. Until you learn how to release them that is!

We are all born with the natural ability to release all that is unhealthy or undesirable to us. Most of humanity has lost this skill as time went on though, mostly because of all the negative programming that is continually bombarding us including our friends, family, books we have read, and the media. They all have their own stories with their own beliefs that we commonly mistaken and collect as our own.

Do you control your thoughts, beliefs and emotions?

Or have you mistakenly given everything around you your control? It isn't your fault, after all, you have never been told that you were in control in the first place!

If you have children, or have ever watched kids interact with each other, you have probably noticed that they could be playing and having a jolly old time one minute, and the next thing you know they are rip snorting mad at each other. Give them 5-10 minutes and they are best friends again. They have automatically released their negative feelings and got back to living.

Eckhart Tolle noticed this Social phenomenon as he explains in his books The Power of Now and A New Earth. While watching a couple of swans floating on the pond, he noticed that if one swan floated too close to the other, mistakenly bumping into it, there would be a big kafuffle between them. They would flap their wings widely and squawk loudly for a moment. Then, just as quickly as it began, it ends and all is quiet once again as they peacefully continue floating lazily. Even animals are natural releasers.

Releasing negative feelings is not the same as suppressing them.

When we suppress our feelings we say NO to them. We don’t want to feel them and we try endlessly to avoid them, even if includes lying to ourselves or others just to deny them. But in releasing, you say YES to them. You let them come up, you feel them. Letting the negative feelings come up, giving them space, allowing them, feeling them and giving them permission to leave are the basics of releasing.

If you continue to do the same things you have always done, you will continue to get the same results you have always gotten.

No matter what your age, gender, ethnic background, personal or religious beliefs, past conditioning or present circumstances, the Release Technique will work for you. But don’t just take my word for it.

Here is what Merrie from California has to say:

An Instruction Manual for Life

This course (Releasing Technique) is as close as we get to an instruction manual for life. It’s priceless, it’s about truth, it’s about love, it’s about you, me, and the life we all share. This course, unlike ‘motivational courses,’ allowed me to create my own higher state of being after I left the class. This showed my truth–it ties all other methods, ways, what have you, together.

I realized that no matter what happened to us in life, all of us–we can still and always be happy and loving and clear just by releasing our feelings.

Gosh! and that feelings can be released–we don’t have to wear them and be defined by them. We are unlimited, unbound, lovers of each other and our world.

Merrie Kung, CA

This complete ‘newbie’ noticed a difference from the very first time! This is what Ms. Cooks has to say about The Release Technique:

$425,000 Comes to Her

This is my first encounter with the Release Technique and this is the first course I took. I feel I have gained a lot from this course while still taking it. I got enlightened to a lot of my hidden agendas, negative thoughts and beliefs that were running my life. As I was releasing, I got more clear and light, feeling more relaxed and more quiet, more peaceful and more serene. I received $425,000 since using the method.

Porat Cooks, MN

Are you constantly battling the bulge? Richard the Baker also had that problem until he tried it:

Bakery Owner Loses 60 lbs

I own a bakery, and I tended to sample a lot of the sweets. Since learning The Release Technique I have lost 60 lbs. in a very short time. I had previously tried all kinds of diets and self-help programs and nothing worked till I discovered The Release Technique. What a God send.

Richard Minett, CA

If you would like read more testimonials from thousands of happy people who are seeing fast results go to Here you will find hundreds of pages of very useful, free information. There are free audio samples along with free downloadable mp3’s when you sign up.

The Release Technique has changed my life and I am confident it will change yours too. Wishing you all the best, all the success as you live a happy, fulfilled, abundant life.

Optimize Vitality and Health with the Release Tech

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