Are You Lost? Find Yourself Through Self Coaching

One common thread in all of humanity is that our motivation comes from the hopeful result of feeling better. We all want to feel good so we do things that will help us feel even better.

To desire is our nature. Desire is our seed. It is what we are all made of and is deeply engrained within our DNA. Not to desire, or want, in life is to deny your core, your very soul of its primary goal of having it all.

We all want whatever it is that makes us feel love. We all want to feel fulfilled, to live in everlasting abundance. This is because somewhere hidden deep within us, is a faint memory of what used to be. You have experienced such complete joy and abundance of any and every form imaginable, in such overwhelming amounts, that you didn’t lack in any way, what so ever. You are able to miss these awesome feelings because of your distant memory of having it before. You wouldn’t be seeking it, missing it, or wanting it, unless you have experienced it before. You can’t miss what you don’t know. If you never tasted chocolate, how could you crave it?

So why does the majority of the population continually act and do things that ultimately lead them further away from their own happiness? This is because they don’t know there is a better way. They might not even realize they have a choice in the matter. They say ignorance is bliss, but I think ignorance will provide you with suffering, not bliss.

Once you realize that you always have choices, you can begin to make better decisions that will lead you to your desired result. Look where running on auto pilot has gotten you so far. Are you where you want to be in life? Is this how you imagined it? Do you feel that something is missing, but can’t put your finger on it? What are you longing for? What do you desire?

Self coaching can help you answer all your questions and you will be able to take actions that will catapult you towards your goals; towards happiness and contentment – stress free.

The way to a better life is on a better path. That better path is inside of you right now, it always has been, and it’s your purpose to connect to it, dial in and never hang up.

By building a strong connection with your soul, you will discover things about yourself that you might not have known before. You will be more in tune with your emotions, being able to control them as you wish. You will find out what is not working in your life, and how you can begin to change them right away. You will feel empowered as you regain control over your life. You will realize that you are in charge of your own destiny and you have the added benefit of clear vision.

Self coaching is your vehicle to your innermost being. It is very reliable and it will get you to your destination, but only if you use it. You will be creating a deeply intimate relationship with your inner spirit; it doesn’t have to be shared with anyone if you don’t want to. Your journey is your own, so own it.

Surely you ego, or conscious mind will pipe up and start squealing. It’ll tell you that self coaching is too much work, or it will take too much of your valuable time! It’ll try to sabotage you and get you to turn away. So many excuses…so little time. Fear might even creep in. Don’t let this happen. Make a decision to do this, no matter what the voices inside your head might say.

Self coaching is absolutely free. The answers are already within you. Although you probably will decide to spend some money on your coaching kit though. If you are serious about changing your life then you will want to have a few items to begin your journey. First, you should have a journal of some kind. A file on your computer or a three ring binder is all you need. Just some where you can write down your feelings, everyday. You will want to carry a pen with you so you are able to jot down the clues and messages you notice throughout your day. These will be your evidence that the universe can hear you and is responding perfectly.

If you suffer from low-self esteem, stress, anxiety, fear, worry or loneliness, then self coaching will prove to be a priceless tool that will help you through. Your connection to the Divine has never been, or ever will be, extinguished. You were not born to suffer, you were born to discover. Investing in a little self discovery will lead you to freedom.

Self coaching is the most effective way to ‘find yourself’. But the only way these techniques work for you, is if you actually apply them. Get involved. Participate. Do your work because you’re worth it! Self coaching will change your life if you only allow it.

During your self coaching journey, I want you to celebrate your ever success. Keep in mind you are learning how to fully connect to your feelings and inner most being. This may feel uncomfortable at first simply because it is new and unfamiliar to you. But stick with it and you will soon realize that there countless rewards actually waiting for you. All you need to do is reach out and grab them.

Your life has a pattern to it, everybody’s does. By learning new life skills, you will start creating a new life pattern for yourself. As a result, your world will change for the better, both inside and out.

Be sure to check back often as I plan to give you loads of valuable, easy to use tools, articles and tips each and every week.

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