Experience The Extra Sensory Power

By Danika Olaf

All human beings are gifted with five senses and each sense has variety of abilities. Even though all are possessed with five senses to sense many things are beyond normal human senses. We can see some people profess future of others, and interpret certain symbols and relate it to significant incidents of life. Some are able to explain about geographies of lands which even they haven't seen and predict the correct distance between to places and all. Why do all people can't do the same? All these things are because of their extra sensory power.

This is because of the extra sensory power which some people possessed by enhancing their inherited psychic skills. The extra sensory power has variety of forms depends upon the slight difference in the ability of psychics. It includes telepathy, psychic power and clairvoyance etc.

Telepathy: telepathy is kind of ability in which information transfer from one person to another superficially. There no the occurrence of any conveyance medium. Science has not recognized any transference without the occurrence of a mechanism. Howe ever two physical source should be present. If you have strong urge inside before some thing happens that is symptom of telepathy.

Psychic powers: human psych is an epicenter of power. If one is able to control his mind and able use it fruitfully he can produce wonders out of it. You can attain psychic power through some intellectual exercises. You might have experienced the extra energy of some people to win the hurdles and tackle the problems. Their confidence level can melt every problem and they will not stick with failures. This is an extrasensory power which gains from experience. They can easily understand others and will be good in consoling and supporting others.

Clairvoyance: clairvoyance is a state of mind and a clairvoyant can perceive information from surroundings using the extra sensory ability other than five ordinary sense organs. It differs from telepathy in a way that, in telepathy person gains information from a physical source rather than being it transferred from one source to another. Clairvoyants are believed to be able to hear talks of spirits and late people. This is not by overhearing their talk. They use symbols and signs instead of oral words. There are many people who are able to explain the past events even before their birth and able to explain the geography of a place which they haven't even seen.

If a person is constant in effort and disciplined in life style he can gain all these extra sensory ability. All these extra sensory abilities are an out growth of the psychic power which gifted by birth. What one has to do is stimulate the psychic skills and train them to the way you wish.

Once you are able to control your thoughts and feelings you can control your mind. If you are able to control your mind you can use it for your purposes. The only thing to achieve a good and powerful mind is control your emotions.

You can enhance your mind through certain intellectual measures. You can have the ability of telepathy, psychic power and clairvoyance if your effort is constant and disciplined. Meditation, yoga, good diet, adequate exercises, consulting with great people all these can make you a man with extra sensory perception.

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