Possibilities And Law Of Attraction Relationships

Some weighty thinkers have the idea, or the philosophy, that the world around us is of our own making. This is to say that we live in a mind made world, and that we create our own realities. There is an element of logic to this line of reasoning, and it is better understood when considering law of attraction relationships.

First of all, try this experiment. Simply think of some thing, let us say, a ball. Now realize that what you think of when thinking of ball will not be the same as what another is thinking. Further, the thing thought of, ball, in order to be
properly understood, must include all of the things that are not ball, understand? The thing, ball, is defined in relation to other things.

Who we are as individuals is largely determined by what others think of us. We can be many different people in many different arenas. We call these facets of personality, but it is also an adjusting to any given environment. It is something we do all of the time, largely without conscious effort.

The concept becomes much more interesting when considering what could happen if we began defining ourselves and others with a more overt methodology. If we became conscious of how we define individuals, could we change as individuals? Who are you to you? Who are you to others? If you know this, then you are consciously deciding who you are and how you will be perceived.

Truth be told, most of us would choose to redefine others in wholly new relational terms to ourselves. This is human nature, to want more of the good, and to better all around us, including ourselves and out closest others. How, then, could one go about doing so? Perhaps the idea that we create reality can be put into practice here. Create the reality you want with others mentally, and it could become your new reality.

Of course, this is quiet an order. Do we have the self-knowledge and possession of sufficient wisdom to create a better relation with others? Do we even dare? Is this going a bit too far, or are we even, say, playing God? The debate will continue on, or so it seems, as it has been for centuries. But it is nice to think of what could be, indeed.

Even though the law of attraction relationships seems a bit like science fiction, and maybe a bit extreme for some folks, it is a fascinating subject. The possibilities of mind seem limitless to us now. Perhaps we can plumb those depths with will and purpose at some point. Reality would sure get interesting then.

By Trevor Johnson

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