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Hopefully, after reading my last post Two Easy Step to End the Sadness, you can see how we sabotage ourselves at any given moment because of our negative self talk.  You also know that loving yourself first and unconditionally will help you in leaps and bounds to overcoming depression.

Today, I want to give you an exercise you can easily do that will help you create your life by design instead of by default.  There is no better way to understand and explain something other then experiencing yourself.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, fill your lungs up with air, all the way to the bottom, like a balloon.
Now let it out…slowly…keep your thoughts with the air you are breathing in and out.
Be Aware.
Do this 3 times.
When you feel your shoulders droop and your feeling a bit more relaxed I want you to take a deep breath and in, and in your mind Yell STOP! At the top of your lungs.
Visualize the letters S-T-O-P in front of you, on a movie theater screen. Imagine the words in any shape, color or form you wish.
Continue to stare at the word and notice that it starts to fade. It begins to disintegrate and fall apart; completely disappearing from your view. All that is left behind is a big, white, blank screen in front of you.

This is your blank canvas of life. This is where you can create. This is where you will paint all of the experiences that you could possible imagine that you would like to experience in life.

See the picture, you are the star! Use vivid colors and don’t forget to feel the emotions you experience from seeing your film. This is the most important thing to remember because your emotions rule your world. Keep them positive, peaceful and loving.

If you are feeling depressed and just want to feel better, then go ahead and create that movie. See and feel yourself laughing and enjoying life. See yourself having constant feelings of bliss and being free and most of all, feel the peace and love you would experience.

The more often you put this exercise into practice, the bigger your rewards will be.
What we think about expands. So start thinking about happiness and well-being instead of sadness and sickness.

Be Well

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