Two Easy Steps to End The Sadness

Depression is a virus that has quietly invaded your mind. It crept in like a cancer and little by little has taken away your life as you were meant to live it.

The mind is a very powerful creating instrument and a lot like a child. If left unattended, it will run wild and make decisions that may be harmful. If not given proper guidance, the mind will learn to operate on survival  instinct and reactions alone. With no tender loving care and a little discipline, it will rebel.

The brain wires and rewires itself according to our very own thoughts and feelings.
Our thinking causes feelings, and feelings directly affect our brain. I won’t go into the long details, but feel free to check Wikipedia's Chemical Synapse if you wish.

In layman’s terms, depression has been brought to you by your brain, by the continuous accumulation of negative thoughts and feelings over many years. The seed of depression may have been planted when you were very young, or could be the result of a traumatic event. Either way, your brain has wired itself negatively and you are left with a chemical imbalance which can cause sadness, depression, feelings of worthlessness and many other mental and physical ailments.

Here is a video explaining brain function as it pertains to depression.

Being able to rise up, and live a happy life free of depression is not a one time, snap your finger and you are cured type of occurrence. It’s a new way of life; a journey in which you have a golden opportunity to discover who you really are; to figure out exactly what it is you like and what you don’t like.

If you want to overpower depression you should think of it as an enemy. Sometimes the enemy disguises itself as a friend, but the on the first opportunity it will bring you to your knees. You have to get mad! You have to be fed up! You have to get angry enough to take action against it. You have to be determined to take your life back. The intensity of your desire to live a happy life will be the fuel that will sustain you.

So the first thing you need to do is to simply make a decision. Decide right now, deep in your heart that you are taking back your life. You have had enough suffering and you now want nothing more then to just feel better. Decide to embark on a new life, one baby step at a time and promise to never give up on your own happiness. Know that you will win this battle, making depression a distant memory.

After you have gotten mad enough at the monster inside your head, and your mind is made up to live a truly happy life, the next thing you must do is to begin to be your own best friend. Becoming your own best friend is a very empowering process. To be your own best friend should be as natural as breathing, but somehow is not.

Think about this. What if you had to live the rest of your life attached to a clone of yourself? There was no way to escape the never ending chatter. What if everything your clone said, you believed? And the more you believed it, the more the clone would talk about what you believed.

Imagine that person talking negatively in your ear all day, every day. Saying things like ‘forget that! Don’t even try it! You know you can’t do that! Don’t be crazy. You’re not talented enough. Stop wasting your time. Get a real job. Life is about suffering, deal with it!’ How do you suppose it would affect your life?

Flip the coin now. Think of how you might feel if this clone loved you unconditionally. What would be possible for you, if all you heard all day was nothing but loving and encouraging words? Wouldn’t it be better to hear things like, ‘You should try that! It might be fun! You are beautiful and perfect, just as you are. Enjoy the journey of life, what can we learn today? You are amazing, I Love you.’ How would this affect you?

I’m sure you see my point. You are with your thoughts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have the choice to keep talking down to yourself, or you can start lifting yourself up.
It’s time. Step up, turn the tables and YOU take charge.

Start to notice how your inner voice talks to you. Pay attention and lead it in a more positive direction. Replace negative thoughts with more reassuring ones and you will begin to feel better and better.

Be persistent in training your mind to join your side. It will resist the change. Becoming your own best friend is like having your own personal loving life coach, cheering you on at all times. There is no replacement for having a dedicated support system helping, guiding, and comforting you along the way.

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