Can You Feel it?

Every emotion you have ever had has been immediately labeled by your mind, as either being good or bad. From this list, you then choose to either let them flow and enjoy them, or you decide you must avoid them by any means necessary.

Emotions are the biggest part of the human experience. In life, we have to experience emotions completely by feeling them fully. Your feelings are your guide in figuring out life’s game, and to truly get what you desire. Even the negative emotions are imperative to living that happy, fulfilling life you so deserve. It’s sometimes easier to figure out what you want, by first knowing what you don’t want.

When you resist an emotion, or refuse to feel it, you are causing the energy system attached to it, to stall. It becomes stagnant, still energy within and around you. This may be why feelings of sadness stick around much longer then blissful ones.

The inability to express emotions can be psychologically and physically damaging. After all if you tell someone how you feel and they react critically instead of emphatically, you may reconsider sharing in the future. Expressing negative emotions may make you feel guilt or shame, so you cram them down even further. If not dealt with, the negative feelings intensify. Then you begin to see more negative experiences in your life then positive ones. Depression, anger, fear, sadness and anxiety creeps in and you get lost in the shuffle.

Negative feelings can have a damaging impact on your immune system. Certain hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are released in abundant amounts when you are fearful, angry or upset. Too much of these otherwise helpful hormones will weaken your immune system and harm its ability to fight off disease. The opposite is also a scientific fact; that positive emotions such as love, joy and contentment release chemicals within the body that strengthen your immune system. A healthy immune system is imperative in preventing diseases and sicknesses.

Negative emotions have the potential to take over your thoughts and your life. They can impair your ability to think rationally or see situations in their true perspective. The longer you hold onto a negative emotion, the more likely it will become a ‘normal’ pattern of thinking, entrenched in your being. If you continue to hold a grudge for instance, your anger isn’t being released and it may show up as an illness or chronic pain.

If an overwhelming amount of negative emotions are kept bottled up, you may start to look outwardly for ways to be cured. You might use food, exercise, drugs, alcohol, shopping or relationships as your band-aids. Instead, you need to learn to focus inwardly to find the peace and balance you crave.

Accept the fact that your emotions, however unfavorable, are here to stay. You can’t avoid them, so you might as well learn how to work with them instead. You can start by replacing negative emotions with more positive ones. Just by adding the powerful emotion of gratitude to your life can cause huge positive changes to happen.

Life is all about emotions. Any scene or event you have ever experienced can be broken down into many emotional parts. Emotions are simply the physical reactions you have to your thoughts. Your emotions are also constantly changing. One minute you may be feeling happy and at peace with the world, and then you hear a sad story on the news or read a disturbing article in the paper, and your emotions change rapidly to negative ones rather than positive ones.

Emotions are your signs to be more aware of something. They lead you by the hand in the dark Getting in touch with your emotions means paying attention to your mind – body connection. They are also great at helping you decide what you want in life, as well as what you don’t want. Emotions can be fun and should be used as your very own personal guidance system. They point directly to your hearts desires. Listen to your emotions; they are trying to tell you something.

If you are now experiencing more negative feelings then positive ones, then learning a constructive way to release their grip on you should be your priority. Some people use Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, or Prayer. There are many techniques that are helping people rid themselves of unhealthy negative emotions. I use the Release Technique. It taught me how to stop any negativity instantly and now I feel better then ever.

Unless you have the proper guidance, letting go of emotional suffering can be very hard, especially if you have been fighting these emotions for a long time. Letting go, or releasing is something anyone can, and should learn. I don’t mean pushing your emotions away or stuffing them down even further. Your emotions are valid; it’s the feeling of suffering you want to be free of.

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