Harness The Power Of The Universe With The Secret Law Of Attraction

By Leona Claives

The universe is full of forces and vibrations. Many of these have already been discovered by scientists. They are incredibly powerful forces that shape our physical lives for example gravity. There are however other forces which are responsible for creating reality. Now imagine how much you could achieve you were able to harness these natural forces for your own purposes. With the secret law of attraction, you can do just that.

The theories behind the law of attraction have been around in one form or another since man first began to question his place in the universe. Approximately one hundred years ago, advances were made in being able to feel the powers of the universe in your mind. Since then, refinements have been made and today Abraham Hicks has codified the law of attraction.

If you are planning on making the law of attraction work for you, you need to train your mind to use it. The first step in your training is to have only positive thoughts. This is actually more difficult than it sounds. You need to take all the doubts and secret fears you hold in the back of your mind and sweep them clean away.

In order to create a positive energy field, you must think only positive thoughts. This means not only positive thoughts about others, but also positive thoughts about yourself. We are our own best critics. It is important that you are able to look at yourself in the mirror and honestly be able to say: "I like me" and really mean it.

To learn how to make the law of attraction work for you, you don't have to take any fancy classes or go on a Himalayan retreat. All you have to do is take time to train your mind to be open to the natural energy that the universe offers.

Once you completely believe that you are amazing person, it is time to let the powers of the universe work for you. Energy works like a magnet. If you are full of positive energy then the positive energy of the rest of the world will be drawn to you as well. Once you have gathered up all this incredible positive energy, you can project outward from yourself.

Attract other people to you with the force of your personality. Influence people's first impressions. If you are confident and self-assured, others will treat you with more respect. More respect can also lead to more professional and personal opportunities.

Once you have turned your mind into a positive energy magnet all the positive energy flowing throughout the world will be attracted to you. Project that energy outward to help you influence people and accomplish your goals. The positive power of your personality should overwhelm people in a good way. Just imagine what you want them to be saying to you or what goal you want to achieve and the universal power backing up your mind will make it happen. With the law of attraction your personal potential is unlimited.

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