Intention Manifestation As A Way Of Life

By Joshua James

Since the release of "The Secret, " the idea that we create our own dreams through the power of intention manifestation has reached a broader range of people. Once an "out there" idea, it is now a common topic of discussion, as people discover their curiosity about the mysteries of our own subconscious minds. Being responsible for what happens in our lives is becoming a more popular concept.

Maybe our subconscious mind is playing a larger role in our reality than we once believed. Anything we plan to do in our day, pack a lunch, run an errand, make a phone call, is first played out in our mind's eye before entering the physical world. It is possible that we are responsible for the deeper and more complicated areas of our lives; with the power of our thinking, we may be shaping our external lives.

When Napoleon Hill wrote "Think and Grow Rich" in 1937, he had studied the lives of hundreds of successful people and found that the shared thread of their riches involved exercises in affirmations and attitude that have been rewritten in many different ways since. From Shakti Gawain's "Creative Visualization", to the more recent explosive success of "The Secret, " these works share the common theme of achieving one's goals through developing a winning attitude.

Too easy? Possibly. However, following the principles of positive thinking has led to happiness and success for many people. For some, their measure of success is in doing good works, for others, it is having a fulfilling family life. Not everyone defines happiness and success in the same way, but to achieve it, there seems to be a common thread of attitude and of feeding the subconscious mind with positive thoughts.

For so many more, taking responsibility for their lives seems daunting. They feel no control in their lives and no power to change them. The ways to turn this attitude around could fill a book store, and if it were easy, we would all be living the lives or our dreams. There doesn't seem to be a magic trick to all of this, as each person's life unfolds in a unique way.

Perhaps the idea of destiny, karma, soul lessons all play a part. Perhaps the idea that this is all a random roll of the dice and we are all in the game of life for no deeper meaning is the real truth. No one knows, but to create a happy life in spite of life's ups and downs is something everyone seems to be searching for.

Maybe the key lies in learning to tap into one's intuition, to take action based on that quiet inner voice. Maybe the key is in developing a positive attitude, even in the face of adversity. Maybe there is no key, and we're searching for something that doesn't exist.

Whatever the trick, mastering the art of intention manifestation is an appealing goal. Even if it teaches us nothing more than to feel better about life under any circumstance, that is a positive thing.

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