Things To Know About Gratitude Abundance

By Millie Laker

Are you a grateful person? Gratitude abundance will teach you to be grateful for many little things that you already have in order to get the things you need.

Gratitude is learning to be thankful. Many people think that they have little to be grateful for, however most of us have more things than we think.

One of life's greatest blessings is health. Persons who are no longer healthy will remind you that they should have been more grateful when they had their health. Persons having health are able to start again even when everything else is lost. They may regain lost items and rebuild items of importance.

Most persons should be grateful for shelter. Today there are persons that would be truly grateful for even the smallest of rooms in most homes to shelter their families form rain, cold or heat as well as disease carrying insects that may cause death to family members who are bitten in the night sleeping.

Loot at the luxuries you have that make it possible to read this article. You have your computer as well as power. For millions around the globe these do not exist.

Have you stopped to be grateful for the food you have in your home. Tonight millions of children will go to bed hungry. These children are not just in third world countries, but may be just around the block from your own home. They could be down the street or even next door. Yet we find ourselves not wanting what we have but something else, so we head out to dinner without a second thought.

Are you grateful for your job. Recently the economy has been very harsh and many people have lost long term jobs as well as homes. Even after losing a job, many are provided for with unemployment compensation. Until they are able to find another job they may bring home a large percentage of the take home pay that they had when working a full time job.

Think about your family of origin Most persons found this family offered love and appreciation as they grew to adulthood. Tonight, children will go to bed in a strange home in foster care. A judge may randomly move them to another home without reason at any time. Other children remain in abusive homes and go to bed in fear every night hoping that their fears do not turn into reality.

Even with so many things to be grateful for, there are many people that live their lives focusing only on the negative things of life. They focus on what they do not have rather on those things that they do have and should be showing gratitude for. As a result of their negative thinking, they are forcing away the very things that they say they want to have.

Gratitude abundance is learning to be thankful for little things in life. This can change the way of life so that the power of those positive thoughts can help you to have those things you need. Start choosing gratitude for your attitude today.

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